RemoteVideo offers you a great
business management tool.
You can be there even when you're not!

+ Reduce the number of trips to your business

"Virtual" tours of every restaurant or store can be made multiple times daily. Owners, office staff, and multi-unit managers can check on things without actually being there. Employees are more inclined to follow procedures and can be more productive when they know you're watching, and you can take immediate action if policies are not followed!

+ Did you know that 80% of all robberies are inside jobs?

Employees know how to get around the systems, but video will stop them from even trying! It's possible to monitor all cash drawers, your safe, inventories and all doors. A RemoteVideo surveillance system is proven to reduce your risk of robbery and theft.

+RemoteVideo surveillance allows you to identify and prosecute criminals!

No more grainy, blurry images of the past. Our recordings are high-quality and allow you to positively identify people and catch important details. All video is viewable remotely — you can see it live in real time and record it for reference later. You can give your CD to police and seek restitution. No one can dispute actual video!

+ Increase both employee and guest safety

Video surveillance has been shown to deter crime and help people feel more secure. If an incident does happen, there is evidence to solve the crime.

+ Motivate your Employees

Let your workers know you are on their side with positive reinforcement, catch your emplyees doing something right for a change! RemoteVideo surveillance recordings have also been effective in training situations, they provide a helpful tool for your new worker, and a great morale booster for your "actors"!

+ RemoteVideo offers audio too!

Audio kits are available for our surveillance systems. It's possible to listen to managers, and hear how emplyees and guests interact.

+ Workman's Compensation and Liability Claims can ruin the business you've worked years to create.

Because employee and guest movements are recorded, they will be less likely to file flase claims. They know you have video of what actually happened. Your ability to reduce and defend against claims even has the potential to reduce your insurance premiums!