Is it expensive? We don't have the budget
for an extensive security system.

+ You can't afford not to have a good security system in place these days. A state-of-the-art surveillance system can actually save you money! Keep in mind that 80% of all robberies are inside jobs. A RemoteVideo surveillance system allows you to record video onto a CD to give to law enforcement officials, a big help when you're faced with prosecuting a shoplifter or defending yourself in a workman's comp claim. Our systems provide added security to your employees and inventory, people are less likely to try something if they know they are being watched

Will my employees be offended
or uncomfortable?

+ It's important to approach your employees in a positive manner about your new surveillance system. Explain the added safety this offers them and be sure to reward the good behavior you witness.

I never even learned how to program a VCR. Will DVR be too complicated for me to use?

+ At RemoteVideo we understand that you might not be comfortable with all the options your new security system offers you. Our qualified installation technicians will get your new system up and running effectively and they'll even train you in how to use it! Don;t worry about future problems and maintainence, we guarantee your satisfaction and we'll come back to make sure your system is everything you need it to be.

What are the features and advantages to using a DVR surveillance system?

+ Digital recording is the way of the future. Technology in this field has advanced quickly and prices are lower than they have ever been. Our systems offer high speed viewing, recording, playback, and don't forget the convenience of watching from a remote location!

What is the difference between a Linux-based and a PC or Windows-based system?

+ RemoteVideo installs only Linux-based operating systems for one reason: they are more stable. They are far less likely to "crash" or have "pop-ups" interrupt your surveillance. You can be confident that your Linux-based system is dedicated to providing the high-quality, dependable surveillance you need.